Tramontana в Англии! July 2013. Статья Джессики Кочневой


This summer was amazing! I think, that no one of us will forget our trip to England.

The first great impression was a flight above London. We could see London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Thames, Big Ben. We could not believe, that we would see it in reality in a week. But about our excursion to London later.

We got to our nice town Canterbury by one of the main motorways. After staring at Mini Coopers for three hours we understood: “We are in England”.

Our host families welcomed us very well. We had a rest from a long way and next morning we were ready to explore Canterbury. We went to school all together, wrote a test and were ready to learn. We had very interesting tasks at school. For example, we went to the centre of the town with a list of questions about Canterbury and had to interview people in the street! It was a great experience.

After school we had activities every day: went to museums, played golf, watched a play in the theatre. One of the most memorable was “A Tea Ceremony”. I liked this English tradition very much. One day we had a walk through Canterbury by boats. Those boats were like Venice gondolas and it was called “punting”, so it was very unusual.

The best part of our trip was, of course, a trip to London. For me it was a real culture shock! I saw all sights, that I had seen on pictures thousand times: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye… London Eye was our last activity in London and it was a great final!




We were lucky with the weather. During two weeks we didn’t open an umbrella. It was very warm and sunny.

When we were in the airport on our way back, we thought, that our trip is over and we would be home soon. Far from it! We had some problems with the seats on a plane. Our departure was planned at 9:45, and when we saw 10:00, we understood, that we would stay in London. At first we were at a loss, but then we understood how lucky we were. We stayed in a hotel in London for free for one more night. What can be better?:D

At this moment it is the best trip in my life. I’ll remember it forever. Now I know English better, I have a lot of new friends and plenty of memories!

Jessika Kochnyeva

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